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Raconteur Radio's "V for Vendetta" ACLU/FreePress Fundraiser

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"Our story begins, as these stories often do, with an up-and-coming politician. He’s a member of the conservative party. He’s completely single-minded and has no regard for the political process. The more power he obtains, the more obvious is his zealotry, and the more aggressive his supporters become.”

This is from V's voiceover explaining the rise of the authoritarian high chancellor, Adam Sutler, who, while spreading misinformation, delegitimizing the press, and imprisoning Muslims and other ethnic/sexual minnorities, creates an atomphere of fear, insisting that the country stands on the edge of oblivion from which only he can save us. Sound familiar? Alan Moore aimed his graphic novel at Thatcher, the Wachcowski brothers at Bush, but it's painfully obvious this post-apocalyptic cautionary tale has even more in common with the current news cycle.

FUNDRAISER: all proceeds will be divided equally between the ACLU and Free Press. Free Press will use their donations to fund a subsequent New Voices storytelling action in Highland Park. 100% of your contribution will be conveyed to these two organizations.

FREE PRESS: is a local 501(c)(3) nonpartisan organization working to create a world where people have the information/opportunities they need to tell their own stories and hold leaders accountable, while fighting to protect press freedom and ensure diverse voices are represented in the media.

DONATION: Our suggested donation is $20.00, but, naturally, feel free to donate more (or less). This is a pay-what-you-can event; allowing for occupancy limits, no one will be turned away. Check, cash, or cc (prior & during). 

CLICK: for advance donations (or to contribute even if your calendar and/or distance precludes attendance). 

RALLY: signs will, of course, obstruct audience sight lines, so, instead ,we encourage audience members to wear white t-shirts Sharpied with protest slogans.

ACTION: Prior to the program proper, from 7:00 - 7:30, HP's own Matt Hersh will organize and host an action. TBD. Postcards or phone calls. 

FORTHCOMING: If this first event is successful (our modest fundraising goal is $1,000), we'll reprise it throughout the year (and, indeed, the term) all over the state, always as a fundraiser for both a local charity and one of the many national charities whose important work has never been more necessary: the ACLU, the IRC, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Sierra Club, etc.

FEATURING: Laurence Mintz, Danielle Illario, Jason Jackson, Michael Jarmus, Carlyle Owens, and Alex Dawson.

WITH: theatrical lighting, fog effects, costumes, Golden Age radio equipment, audience participation, and, of course, hundreds of sound effects.

PLUS: jazz vocalist Danielle Illario sings Julia London's "Cry Me a River" from V's jukebox.

RATING: Suitable for 10 and up. Our program is based on the movie (not the graphic novel), and as Darryl Voorhees, one of our presenting partners, pointed out in an earlier post, it's not as dark as the source material (esp. the comic book) and, indeed, falls somewhere between PG & PG 13.

RUN TIME: 1 hr.

COLAB ARTS: engages artists, social advocates, and communities to create transformative new work, facilitating creative conversation through innovative programs and artist infrastructure, connecting artists with community partners and mentors, and executing productions that challenge perceptions and inspire action.

RACONTEUR RADIO: stages immersive theatrical presentations of vintage radio plays, classic works of literature/film, and pop culture parodies throughout the Tri-State area. They've been called "family-friendly guerrilla theater" by the New York Times, one of "the 7 best things to do in NJ" by the Newark Star-Ledger, "Epic!" by Lev Grossman (of Time Magazine), "innovative and entertaining...a unique mashup of old time radio and live theater" by the Home News Tribune, "Dazzling!" by Megan Ryan (of wNYC), "Outstanding!" by Lee Pffeifer (of Cinema Retro Magazine), "Awesome!" by Stephen Segal (of Weird Magazine and Geek Wisdom), and "a radio show on steroids," by the Courier News.