INDIVISIBLE: Your 4 Weekly To-Dos (and a little about another Trump scandal)

This came out right before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the Impeachment Inquiry announcement. Offers valuable insights and info on subjects we care about, including actions we can take. You may not agree with ALL of it (I rarely do), and that’s ok.


  1. Call your member of Congress right now and demand that they cut funding for ICE and CBP in this fall’s funding bill. Even if they kick the deadline to November, Congress will eventually have to finalize a deal to fund the government for the next year. Help make sure they don’t give Trump additional money for his deportation machine by calling your members of Congress to demand they #DefundHate.

  2. Urge your Representative to impeach Trump. Donald Trump has committed numerous impeachable offenses -- and every time Democrats refuse to hold him accountable, it only emboldens him more. Over half of House Democrats have already called for impeachment; check out this list to see if your MoC is a supporter, and if not use our script to make a call and demand that they join the chorus.

  3. Tell your member of Congress to stop Trump’s march to war with Iran. Congress has a major opportunity to block Trump from going to war with Iran. Use our call script to call your member of Congress and tell them to support the Khanna-Gaetz Amendment to the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act, which would explicitly block Trump from starting a war with Iran!

  4. Demand that your Senators support comprehensive background checks. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans aren’t doing anything to address the crisis of gun violence in America, even though the House has already passed legislation to improve our system of background checks. Call your Senators and tell them to demand a vote on S. 42!

Susan Meltsner