SPLC Hatewatch - August 5th - A rough week in El Paso, Dayton and America

U.S. State Department Official Involved in White Nationalist Movement, Hatewatch Determines

August 07, 2019 Michael Edison Hayden

A U.S. State Department official oversaw the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist organization, hosted white nationalists at his home and published white nationalist propaganda online, Hatewatch has determined.

El Paso Massacre Galvanizes Accelerationists

August 05, 2019 Cassie Miller and Hatewatch Staff

The domestic terror incident this past weekend in El Paso has energized the growing “accelerationist” bloc of the white power movement, which argues violence is the only way to achieve its goal of creating a white, non-Jewish ethnostate.

White Nationalists Praise El Paso Attack and Mock the Dead

August 04, 2019 Michael Edison Hayden

White nationalists, who have employed terroristic rhetoric with increased enthusiasm in recent months, expressed solidarity with the man who police say killed at least 20 people in El Paso, Texas on Saturday.

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