Demand Funding for New Jersey's Greatest Needs - NJ CITIZEN ACTION

“As you're probably aware, the New Jersey Legislature did not include a millionaire's tax in our 2020 state budget. We want to thank everyone who contacted their legislators, sent emails, made phone calls, volunteered at one of our phonebanks, attended lobby meetings and showed up to rallies and press events in Trenton.

The fight for tax fairness and a healthier state budget is far from over. The budget adopted in June did include funding for some priorities like New Jersey Transit and special education,  but others remain badly underfunded.  We need more public investment to meet the most pressing needs of New Jersey residents— access to affordable higher education, property tax relief, infrastructure upgrades, a healthy environment for future generations, just to name a few. We also need revenue to repair our underfunded state pension system for teachers and public workers, and New Jersey remains one of the few states without an adequate rainy day fund to protect ourselves from the next economic downturn.

Let’s continue the work we started by asking everyone and anyone running for the New Jersey Assembly this year where they stand on tax fairness and budget issues.

We can set the stage for legislative action on a state budget that works for more New Jerseyans today. “ TAKE ACTION

Susan Meltsner