Downey, Houghtaling & Schaer Gun Safety Bills Clear Assembly

Legislation would require Safe Storage of Firearms, establish Suicide Training Course, and more.


Assembly members Eric Houghtaling, Joann Downey, and Gary Schaer advanced seven measures [aimed at] strengthening state gun safety including safe firearm storage and education of firearm sellers on suicide prevention.

Bill A-3696 passed 59-12-2, and established clearer penalties for improper firearm storage.

Assemblyman Houghtaling stated that this “sensible legislation” can [help reduce] gun violence and do more to “protect New Jersey families and our children from harm.” Houghtaling’s statement [reflects] research done by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention that [found] one in three handguns is kept loaded and unlocked with its whereabouts known to children in the household.

Bill A-3896 is centered around the establishment of a suicide prevention curriculum which can help save more lives and decrease the 22,000 suicide by firearm deaths each year through education, awareness, and training.

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