Re-Think Recycling - Workshop Recap and attachments

Here is a summary of the very informative workshop held last Thursday in Freehold on recycling in Monmouth County. Please share this with friends and neighbors. Read this excellent Resource

-Only #1 & #2 items are recyclable at the curb. No yogurt, margarine tubs, clear salad containers! You can only recycle plastic items where the neck is narrower than the base.

-Remove all bottle caps! These can cause bodily harm to workers in processing plants during the recycling process.

-No pizza boxes unless completely clean and broken down.

-No wet items. Cover newspapers with lid. No shredded paper.

-No light bulbs. They can be recycled at Home Depot.

Most significant perhaps is the fact that Monmouth County is one of only two counties in the state that does not have a processing plant! Therefore, your tax dollars are spent on handling, shipping and disposal of recyclables at other facilities Our freeholders have yet to act on building our own processing plant. Please keep this is mind when voting this fall! 

Susan Meltsner