JUNE 30TH Families Belong Together Actions are ON

From MoveOn.Org:

"Thanks to powerful public pressure, the Trump administration has been forced to shift its outrageous treatment of immigrant children. We have momentum—but we're far from done.

The executive order that Donald Trump signed today is not the solution. It allows the indefinite incarceration of immigrant families in federal prisons, and there is still no plan to reunify the thousands of families that have been forcibly separated. Which is why we must continue to stand together at hundreds of events nationwide on Saturday, June 30, to say that families belong together—and freeClick here to join the June 30 event near you to Keep Families Together and free and reject Trump's brutal policies.

The last week has been full of shocking and heartbreaking stories: Kids torn from breastfeeding moms.1 Leaked audio of cries and shrieks from terrified children.2Images of kids in cages.3 Reports of children being injected with antipsychotic drugs against their will.3 The defiance of Donald Trump, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The negligence of the Republican Congress. All during a week when the Trump administration withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council.4

In the face of this horror, MoveOn members and many others stood tall and said: We have to be better than this. So when Representative Pramila Jayapal announced on Monday night that she was working with MoveOn, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and other partners on a massive mobilization on June 30, MoveOn members responded in huge numbers: More than 150,000 people signed up for more than 400 events within 36 hours.

Because we raised our collective voice, Trump has been forced to backtrack. One day after saying that this policy—which he and his administration created—was essential, he's beginning to retreat.5 But let's be clear: Trump's announcement today is not solving a crisis. Instead, it appears that he wants to modify his policy to detain infants, toddlers, and other children with their parents—indefinitely, without due process. And many other children are still separated from their parents with no plans to reunite them. 

Again: Our national outrage has led to Trump and Nielsen backpedalling. Republicans are running scared from the moral crisis they manufactured. Which is why we're doubling down as we build toward the national mobilization on June 30.

Together, we can win freedom and reunification for children and families—which is why we need to go full speed ahead over the next 10 days toward June 30 as we demand that Trump reunite families, close down prisons for these children and their families, and fire Kirstjen Nielsen, White House adviser Stephen Miller, and every other architect of this inhumane policy.

Thanks for all you do.

—Anna, Ben, Rahna, David, and the rest of the team


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