Our criminal justice system dismantles families, destroys communities, and wastes taxpayer dollars. It’s time to elect candidates who will end mass incarceration and bring real reform.”  Learn more about criminal justice in NJ (and other states) and the issues that matter as we approach the midterms.

 Voters on both sides of the aisle agree – change is needed. 78% of likely voters want a candidate who supports criminal justice reform, including 72% of Republicans.

Yet for decades, our taxpayer money has been funding the disenfranchisement and destruction of millions of lives by cranking them through the mass incarceration machine.We have a chance to change that in November by electing people who want commonsense, sustainable solutions to this national crisis.

It's no secret that our mass incarceration system was designed to lock up people of color, who are more likely to receive longer, harsher punishment than white people for the same crimes. And once released from jail or prison, formerly incarcerated people face rampant employment discrimination – and many lose the right to vote forever.

Criminal justice reform is long overdue, and this fall, we can #VoteSmartJustice and elect leaders who will:

  • Cut the number of people in prisons and jails and support alternatives to incarceration.

  • Fight against racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

  • Hold police accountable for killing Black and brown people.

  • End the war on drugs.

  • End the money bail system that criminalizes poverty.

  • End the legalized discrimination faced by formerly-incarcerated people trying to rebuild their lives.

Smart Justice voters will cast ballots against extreme sentencing, unfair prosecutorial practices, and post-release discrimination. We're voting for real criminal justice reform. Right now.

Susan Meltsner