Local DREAMers Travel to Miami for "United We Dream" Congress, and thank GRBWI for its support,

“As you may know a group of local DREAMers and myself were fundraising for a trip to this year's United We Dream Congress. I wanted to share with you, as you have always been more than willing to lend us a hand in creating new leaders. For many of the students, this was the first time they ever saw such a large number of students like themselves gathering to strategize about local and national strategies to protect their community.  They also had the chance to canvass for what we hope will restore the power of voting to 1.4 million Floridians this November if amendment 4 is passed. Most importantly, they learned of their power and their ability to create change regardless of their status. 

All in all, there were an estimated 1,500+ DREAMers, some who drove 25 hours to get there. Many without any status, who risked being pulled over and detained at any given point by an immigration check point. There were undocumented mothers who added their names to some of the DACA lawsuits attempting to strip away whatever little status their children have. There were high school students who organize at a state wide level because they are afraid for their families, kids who are now alone because their parents have been deported and transgender dreamers who fear for their lives if they were to ever return to their home country. But above all, there was so much hope and joy in seeing that a year after the termination of daca the program was still standing. There was courage abound, of the successful pro immigrant actions, stopping of individual deportations, and in some cases laws that will be passed that will make our communities safer. I know doing this kind of work is tiring and takes constant renewal of strength to keep going and fighting and I'm incredibly lucky to get the chance to work with such courageous individuals and allies who understand the importance of continuing to fight this fight. 

Thank you for being there for us,