Think. Breathe. Act.

These are very scary times we are living in and the events of the past week have only heightened our anxieties. Human lives have been lost in the fight against intolerance, and it is hard to imagine that this is happening here in 2017. But it is.

I encourage all of you to breathe deeply. Then take up the banner of fighting intolerance where you see it, and understand that the widest breadth of this intolerance is not so easily visible to us.  It is out there and perhaps doing just as much harm as the more obvious. It must be combated as well.

Stand together with friends, family and the Initiative or whatever other organizations you are a part of, and take strength from one another. Remember that even Anne Frank was still able to believe in the basic goodness in mankind. It is there living inside each of us. We are in a time when knowing that is not enough.

Reach out to someone every day and do a kindness. That action will affect us all in the long run.  Even do a kindness to someone who doesn't quite deserve it. That will go a long way in promoting a more humane mankind. Yes, that may sound overly simplistic, but it will.  Doing one thing, no matter how small, will help with the feeling of helplessness that we all experience.

See you at our next gathering. Stay strong and optimistic,

Ellen Herman

Susan Meltsner