Updates from the GRBWI environmental Issues committee

Submitted by Kathy Hjelle on 7/31/17

From 350.org:

We’re at a crucial point in the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline. In two weeks, the Nebraska Public Service Commission will hold hearings to decide whether to approve the final permit for the project.

The more grassroots pressure we’re able to put on the Commission, the more likely they will reject the state permit. People power stopped the Keystone XL pipeline before, and people power can defeat it again!We’re helping build the renewable energy future we need, directly in the proposed path of the pipeline, with Solar XL.

  • On August 6th, the day before the hearings start, we’ll march in Lincoln, Nebraska with landowners and Indigenous leaders to demonstrate to the commissioners that Keystone XL is not in the public interest.
  • During the hearings, we’ll hand-deliver hundreds of thousands of comments to the Commission that we collected with our partners from people around the country opposing the project.

If built, Keystone XL would transport the dirtiest oil on the planet from Alberta’s tar sands region across four states to refineries on the Gulf Coast. 

From the Sierra Club:

We need you to contact Senator Booker (202-224-3224) and Senator Menendez (202-224-4744) to help block the Dirty Energy bill called S 1460. This bill would make it easier to build dirty fuel infrastructure like Liquified Natural Gas export facilities, pipelines, fracking, and offshore drilling by expediting and limiting environmental reviews. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is already a rubberstamp for pipelines and LNG facilities, but with this bill it is going to be faster and worse. By fast-tracking these proposals, it will have devastating impacts to the environment, increase our impact on climate change, and cause more dirty air in our lungs. It will mean we will see more unnecessary and dangerous pipelines in New Jersey like PennEast, Transco, while explosive LNG terminals are approved off our coast.

With this legislation, the Fossil Fools in Washington are trying to push through pipeline approvals and increase dirty fuels. This legislation would even limit oversight on cross-border pipelines like Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines and make it easier for export. This means while our communities are threatened and there won’t be clean-water to drink, Big Oil will get the money, and China or Japan will get the fuel. By limiting the amount of information people could submit on the record and allowing drone-fly overs instead of field surveys, it is an outrageous attempt to keep the science and facts out. We cannot allow this legislation to move forward and need our Senators to use all of their procedural powers possible to block this bill.

We need our Senators to stand up to the Republicans in Congress who are siding with the oil, gas and, electric industry over the public, environment, due-process, and our rights. We must stand up against offshore drilling along our coast and fracking on federal lands. This legislation is trying to push through dirty fuels by shutting out and trying to muzzle key government agencies. They do not want them to comment on and respond to pipeline, fracking, and other dirty energy applications because they know this has helped slow down and even stop these projects. We cannot allow FERC or any other agency to overlook public input and shortcut environmental reviews. We need to reform the rules at FERC, not rollback our existing protections.

It’s really urgent for you to call and act now because similar bills have also passed in the House. We need our Senators to not only vote NO, but use procedural means to block this bill. Contact them today to block this dirty energy bill from moving forward.

Thank you for taking action,

New Jersey Sierra Club 

From:  Friends of the Earth

Trump is trying to shrink the EPA’s budget by 30%. He’s attempting to slash its staff by more than half. And he wants to replace its scientists with Big Oil cronies. But Congress can stop him.

We’ll be calling on you to show up at every fundraiser, every town hall meeting and speaking engagement that your Representative attends to demand that they take immediate action to stop Trump from gutting the EPA. 

Pressuring your Member of Congress on a grassroots level is one of the most effective ways to get the point across that they can’t ignore Trump’s reckless actions. We’ve stopped massive EPA budget cuts in the last round of the budget fight -- so we can definitely do it again. 

August recess is the only time when Congress is back in their districts for an entire month. So it’s the best opportunity to push your Representatives to stand up for the EPA!

Join a rapid response team training call to pressure on your Member of Congress to stop Trump from gutting the EPA.

What: Rapid Response Team Training Call
When: Monday, July 31 at 8pm EST
Where: Your phone or computer