Moms Demand Action - notes from 10/11 meeting

Wednesday night, October 11, 2017, GRBWI Facebook group moderators, JoAnn and Lisa attended an event sponsored by Moms Demand Action. NJ State Assembly reps for LD11, JoAnn Downey and Eric Houghtaling were in attendance.

The “very informative” presentation included actions the groups involved would like New Jersey citizens to take related to gun legislation and domestic violence on the local, state and national level. Lisa took notes and made sure the actions and contact info for organizations featured at the meeting were posted individually on Facebook, where they can still be found by scrolling down past newer posts. Now, you can find them all together here on the GRBWI News Blog.

1) Sign up for Moms Demand Action  Do this by email/FB/Twitter. Or text "join" to 64433.

2) Oppose House Bill HR38 aka the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act - Text "Reject" to 64433 to connect to your Congressperson. Call and keep calling!  If passed, all 50 states would be forced to allow people with a gun permit from any other state - even convicted criminals - to carry loaded guns in public! PS - Our "friend" NJ Rep. Tom MacArthur is one of the bill's main sponsors.

3) Text 64433 and demand your Congressperson oppose House Bill HR367, deceptively named the "Hearing Protection Act."  If passed into law, HR 367, will DEREGULATE and ALLOW UNRESTRICTED USE OF GUN SILENCERS. Also contact Senators Booker and Menendez about the Senate version, S59.

4) The NJ Coalition to End Domestic Violence  presented on the relationship between gun violence and domestic violence. Please sign up for their email/FB/Twitter.  Also, please ask Gov. Christie to sign A2061/S3209, which elevates the act of strangulation in domestic violence cases to aggravated assault.

5) NJCEDV also asks that we urge the NJ State Senate to support A2185/S2547, which mandates domestic violence training for municipal prosecutors. Visit for contact info.

6) Another presenter was 180 Turning Lives Around, a great local organization providing a range of services to victims of domestic violence.  Please sign up for their email/FB/Twitter and visit their website for upcoming events/ways to help.

7) Additional links: Click for related info: