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CANCELLED - Facebook Town Hall: How To Nullify TrumpCare One State At A Time

"Facebook Townhall Meeting to Nullify TrumpCare cancelled because currently no TrumpCare to Nullify. In the meantime, working on getting other states involved in the Nullification Movement. Cuomo's already picked up on it." -  Senator Raymond J. Lesniak

"Legislation introduced by Assemblyman Jamel Holley and me entitled "The TrumpCare Nullification Act" would replace the TrumpCare tax cuts for the wealthy with an equivalent state tax on them and use the proceeds to continue the Medicaid coverage that will be discontinued by TrumpCare for low-income families and individuals. 

It may also cover restoration of coverage for pre-existing conditions and funding for Planned Parenthood. 

The TrumpCare Nullification Act will maintain the status quo. The wealthy will still be paying the same state taxes as before TrumpCare and low income families and individuals will not lose their health insurance. 

Sign up and join the campaign to #NullifyTrumpCare this Thursday, 7 pm."