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SwingLeft canvas for NJ-07

  • Rahway NJ Transit Station 2-32 Milton Ave Rahway, NJ 07065 (map)

"Join Swing Left volunteers as we start talking to voters in this key Swing District.

This is the first canvas for our SwingLeft group. Leonard Lance won by only 37,662 votes in a district with 181,000 registered voters who didn't cast a vote in 2016. We think we can swing it back to the Democrats in 2018. Clark, which is just northwest of Rahway Station, voted 5,182 Trump to 2,967 Clinton in a county which went for Clinton by 147,414 to 68,114. We hope to find a good mix of people who voted for both Trump and Clinton, as well as people who didn't get out to vote. We'll spend the afternoon talking to voters to find out who they voted for, why they voted the way the did and what issues are important to them

A note about the address: at the moment we're primarily New Yorkers. I picked the location because it's close to Clark and it's close to NJ Transit. The address is for the Express New Cafe attached to the station. If anyone from the district has suggestions about where to meet or how to get around, all ideas and help are welcome."