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Call Albio Sires: Week 6!

"Thanks for participating in NJ-08 For Progress's Friday Call with Congressman Sires! Will you help us to build a meaningful dialogue between Rep. Sires and his community?

Great! We ask that you call his West New York district office on **Friday, April 7 anytime between 10 am-2 pm** 

(201) 558-0800 – ask for Gabriel Rodriguez, Field Representative

Hello, my name is ________ and I am a voter calling from __zip code__. I would like to thank Congressman Sires for voting for HR 356 in favor of an independent commission to investigate Russian interference in our democracy. Today it is more important than ever. He has the support of his district on this issue. 

{Wait for a response and provide contact info if appropriate}

Thank you, I appreciate your help!"

initiated by NJ-08 For Progress