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Betsy DeVos Postcard Blitz to #DefendPublicEducation as a Civil Right for ALL students!

This peaceful action aims to send a strong message to Betsy DeVos and the Trump Administration that we are prepared to #RESIST them at every turn in order to defend our public schools, educators, and incredibly diverse student population--including disabled, LGBT, ELL, and minority students just to name a few!

The ONLY way we can effectively protect all of these groups is to make our focus on the fact that education a civil right that requires federal oversight (especially for accountability) and is NOT an issue that should only be left to the states. If it is, DeVos and this administration will do everything they can to abolish public schools and remove federal protections and oversight for vulnerable students. What happened last time the states had power to do this? Segregation in schools and disabled children being put in institutions rather than schools. 

Anyone who feels strongly about defending public education and is worried about what might happen under this administration is welcome to join--- family members of disabled students, former/current students of a public institution, or anyone who wants to join in making our voices heard! 

Each participant must: 
• STEP 1: Get one or more postcards
• STEP 2: Include message of your choice on the postcard/decorate as you wish! (This is a POSITIVE action to show our support for public education as a civil right so please NO threats, profanity, or any other derogatory language!) 
o Some examples include: 
• Don't leave it to the states! Education is a civil right for ALL children! 
• #DefendPublicEducation
• I have an IDEA: Public Eduction is a CIVIL
• Children are the future: Education is a civil right that REQUIRES federal oversight! 
• PROTECT VULNERABLE STUDENTS. Education is a civil right. 
• STEP 3: On Tuesday, 2/28, send to the following address before your post office’s final pick-up time: 
o Betsy DeVos
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202

PLEASE invite anyone and everyone that you think might be interested in participating! Share the event far and wide on personal pages and in groups, and post pictures of your postcards to give others ideas and inspiration!