About the Initiative

Photo courtesy of RedBankGreen.com

Photo courtesy of RedBankGreen.com


It all started when...

The Greater Red Bank Women's Initiative was formed in late 2016 when several women from the Red Bank, NJ area got together to commiserate following the presidential election. After the initial shock of the election wore off, we realized there were some realities that we could not change. Following the old adage "If we cannot change the direction of the wind, we can at least adjust our sails," we decided to channel our energies into community building and political activism.  As marches and rallies were held around the world on January 21, 2017, we sponsored a sister rally in Red Bank that, to our delight, drew about 500 people. 

We have continued since then to organize and grow, working to raise our voices and use the power of our votes to change the status quo, and to  to build a community of tolerance and inclusion. Our organization has been built on giving expression to as many as we can.  Anyone (men are welcome, too!) who finds common cause with us is welcome to join our efforts.  We are not about hate—we are about change. Our goal is to change the power of “One” into the power of many so that our collective work yields concrete political change on a local, state, and national level.

We hold monthly meetings for our membership, and members may also choose to serve on committees whose purpose is to examine specific issues and identify action strategies for the larger group to further objectives,  to bond with other organizations that are pursuing similar goals, and to create from our ideals a more substantive political reality. Members need not join a committee to be welcome at our monthly meetings, stay abreast of developments, and learn about action items to advance our common goals. 

We have found that engagement in a group such as ours creates camaraderie with like-minded members of our community, and provides the satisfaction and comfort that come from taking positive, effective action, rather than standing by helpless as events unfold around us. We welcome you to join us. Onward!