GRBWI - Who We Are; What We Do


It all started when...


… several women from the Red Bank, NJ area got together to commiserate following the 2016 presidential election. Like so many others, we raged, whined and wallowed until the shock of the election started to wear off. Then, in keeping with the old adage "If we cannot change the direction of the wind, we can at least adjust our sails," we decided to channel our energy into community building and political activism.

On January 21, 2017, when women’s marches and rallies were held around the world, we sponsored a sister rally in Red Bank that drew 500 people.  We followed up a few weeks later, with a meeting. People, hungry for information, inspiration and opportunities to “do something…anything,” filled every chair and then some.

Since then, we have continued to organize and grow, to raise our voices; help our neighbors and use the power of our votes to effect change at every level of government. Our aim is to be a community of tolerance and inclusion, giving expression to many and welcoming all (men too!) who find common cause with us to join our efforts. 

Over the past two years, we have evolved into a “go-to” resource, providing information, links to activist groups, event listings and activism opportunities in an ever-widening geographic area. In addition to maintaining a full website calendar and a thriving Facebook group, GRBWI sends out weekly action updates - with the latest on places to go and things to do - as well as a Jam-packed news blast once a month. (back issues)


Our meetings - on the first Monday of each month - offer a chance to connect with fellow activists, draw strength and inspiration from one another and learn about a broad range of topics, from immigration issues, hate crimes and prison reform to commonsense gun laws, climate change, voting rights and homelessness.

We’ve hosted panels on women’s reproductive rights and women running for office; co-hosted candidate forums and a Medicare-for-All symposium; collected goods and grocery gift cards for local food pantries; written postcards (hundreds of them) to help get out the vote, and sponsored or co-sponsored marches and rallies including June 2018’s huge Red Bank Families Belong Together march and February 2019’s “No Emergency! No Wall! Rapid-Response Rally - to name just two. Several times each year, we raise funds for local charities.

GRBWI is “part of the solution” in every sense of that term. Our very active and effective Immigration Committee works collaboratively with area churches, schools, and organizations to help our immigrant neighbors with everything from GED and ESL classes to emergency deportation interventions. Our Spotlight on Immigration page goes live around March 10, 2019.

GRBWI’s Voting Rights committee keeps us current on all things election-related. Their expertise on redistricting, Voter Suppression, Vote by Mail Ballots, and legislation in these areas grows daily. They lead the way on GRBWI voter registration and GOTV efforts.

If you’d like to know more about GRBWI and/or do more with us, you can join our Facebook Group; subscribe to our Mailing list and/or attend a monthly meeting (dates are listed at the top of our homepage).

We have found that engagement in a group such as ours creates camaraderie with like-minded members of our community, and provides the satisfaction and comfort that come from taking positive, effective action, rather than standing by helpless as events unfold around us. We welcome you to join us. Onward!